Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dollar Store Mirror Decor

Sometimes I buy things at the dollar store,Michael's or thrift store because they are great finds and I know I will regret not buying it later and it won't be there when I come back for it, and like a lot of the times I am busy and never get around to finishing something or I end up doing another project instead, or if I do finish my projects I forget to post it up on here and I remind myself with post it's on the fridge but someone how they manage to disappear,not my fault I promise he he he.  I am doing better and trying to keep up with my facebook page,Pinterest,Instagram and of course my blog. 
Well enough about excuses, but here is a project you can do with any kind of mirrors you find, the key is the glue especially for glass that you do not want it to fall apart. My secret is the E6000 glue and it dries clear. It is very versatile and I always keep at least two around. These framed mirrors you can find at the dollar tree or 99 Cents Only Stores and the wood letter I picked up at Walmart for less than $1.50 and the Glue too they sale at Walmart or any craft store for under $4.00, just depending where you get it at price may vary. 

You can paint them any color you want, these were white to begin with and still look white but I did apply a coat of a very light gray bluish paint that is very light,but you can not tell in this picture very well. And of course I painted the wood letter to give it a shabby chic look to it. For the letter I primed it first,then I put a coat of like a light ever green acrylic pain color and after that dried I added a light pink coat to the top. Once it all dried up I gave it a quick sand with a sanding sponge to reveal some of the paint beneath to give it taht old look and then I glued the letter using the E6000 Glue and I let the whole thing dry over night. 
The frames actually already come with hanging brackets on the back in case you want to hang it, you won't need to add any,or you can just stand it on a bookcase or on top of the fireplace mantle. Next time you go into a dollar store don't forget to snag a few of the mirrors. 

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